Every year the University of Portland sends 40 of its best students to the University of Portland Center in Salzburg. The students take classes in Fine Arts, German, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Statistics, and Theology. The classes are designed to help them to appreciate the cultural experience of their two semesters in Austria and Europe and fit their core curriculum at the University of Portland. Class attendance is compulsory.
Part of the academic program is a variety of tours and excursions. After an intense exploration of the city of Salzburg one weekend trip to the Salzkammergut and one weekend exploring the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Vienna provides the students with a good orientation about the country they will be living in for 8 months.  Two major educational trips are part of the academic program as well. A one week fall tour to Germany and France and a 3 weeks spring tour to Italy and Greece gives the students the opportunity to see and tour what they have been prepared for in their classes.

Part of this program is to enable the students to travel around Europe. Therefore, classes end on Thursdays to give them enough time to explore the neighbouring countries and cities.

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