Each student of the Salzburg program belongs to at least one committee. There are five committees, which generally meet once a week. The elected head of each committee is a member of the student council.
Social Committee
Is responsible for planning social events. This committee attends to birthday celebrations and activities at holidays such as Halloween, Easter, etc. It also organizes game evenings,  student performances of plays, and similar events.
Spiritual Committee
Members of this committee are responsible for organizing and encouraging Mass visits on Sundays as well as planning the fall and spring retreats. Activities of this committee also include organizing spiritual gatherings, bible study groups, etc. However, membership and participation in the activities of this committee are not restricted to Catholic students. Students of all denominations are regular participants at Mass and the retreats.
Sport Committee
Plans various sporting events and recreational activities. In the past, this committee has organized basketball, Frisbee and soccer tournaments in the nearby park, hiking excursions, as well as skiing trips to local ski areas.
Stewardship Committee
Members of this committee monitor the center and care for its equipment. They work closely together with the director to keep the center clean and in good condition. Maintenance problems in any area are brought to the attention of this committee, which then informs the director. Committee members inhance energy saving measures and encourage recycling efforts at the center.
Cultural Committee
This committee organizes trips to cultural events in and around Salzburg. Previous outings have included a visit to the ice caves near Werfen, or a trip to the pilgrimage church Maria Plain. The committee looks for opportunities to involve the whole group in the cultural life of Salzburg and shares Austrian music, authentic food, traditions, and customs with fellow students. The committee is traditionally responsible for organizing the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with which all students are expected to help.

Student council

The student council comprises the 5 committee chairs and 2 elected council speakers. It meets with the director to discuss current program issues whenever necessary or desired. Topics encompass all aspects of life at the center. The members of the student council support the director in overseeing the students’ adherence to the rules and regulations of the program.

Cooking groups

Sunday evening dinners are generally prepared by student cooking groups.
These are formed at the beginning of the academic year and take turns at cooking and serving dinner, as well as cleaning up afterwards.
The students need to decide on what to cook and to set up the appropriate shopping list in German.

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