The Mauthausen Experience

By Katie Stanley

We began our journey much earlier than most of us were accustomed to get up on a Friday morning, filing onto the tour bus as usual with almost an air of hesitant expectation. The bus was silent almost the whole two and a half hours. But what could you expect from a day trip to Austria’s most famous concentration camp memorial, Mauthausen?
It is difficult to describe our experience at Mauthausen, just as it is difficult to explain complex emotions and the inner workings of the mind. Continue reading “The Mauthausen Experience”

Improving German Language Skills

By Katie Stanley

One of the most important things for students to do in the Salzburg program is to learn and practice German! There are many, many opportunities here in Austria, both inside and outside the Center, to improve your German language skills. Of course, there’s always the question: where do I start? Here we have collected several useful websites for learning German as a foreign language. Continue reading “Improving German Language Skills”

Excursion to Vienna

Text: Katie Stanley
Photos: Alex Rosenast, Natalie Schneider, and Katie Stanley

The weekend tour of Vienna was a tour of great art, architecture, music, and history. We began early on Thursday morning and drove through rolling green landscapes dotted with Austrian farms, all the way to the Schönbrunn palace. Schönbrunn was the winter residence of the Habsburg family, who ruled Austria-Hungary until World War I. We were given a Grand Tour and learned much about the famous monarchy.


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Das Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD)

Text von Julia Muellerleile, Fotos von Mag. Lisa Höll


English Version

Die Studenten der dritten Jahrgangsstufe Deutsch werden im April den sogenannten ÖSD-Test ( absolvieren. Dieser international anerkannte Test dient dazu, Continue reading “Das Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD)”

Deutsch-Erfahrungen von Karl Groneman

Grüß Gott Salzburger!

English Version

Ich möchte Ihnen ein bisschen über meine Erfahrungen mit Deutsch erzählen und wie ich meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern konnte , aber ich möchte auch etwas über all die wunderbaren Möglichkeiten, die es in Salzburg gibt, sagen.

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