Stolperstein sponsored by Salzburgers 2016-2017

Last year’s group of Salzburger fundraised the money to donate a stumbling stone for Johann Kampfer whose last address was at the Schallmooser Hauptstraße 4, close to the center.
Johann Kampfer was born in Pontafel, Kanaltal (which became part of Pontebba in the province of Udine Italy after WWI) on November 23, 1889. He was an unmarried Catholic unskilled worker who chose to stay in Austria after the war. He was an Austrian citizen and had local citizenship rights in the city of Salzburg.
On April 10, 1931 Johann Kampfer was admitted as a patient in the Salzburg State Asylum. On May 21, 1941 he was one of the 85 patients from the asylum who were deported to the Hartheim killing center near Linz where they were all murdered. As with all the other victims of the Nazi’s secret »T4«1 program to murder the handicapped, the death of this 51year old man was not recorded in the Salzburg city police registration files. His sister, Angela Kampfer is known to have died in Salzburg in 1980.
Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation: Stan Nadel
Stolpersteine Website
Never forgotten.

History Professor, Dr. Stan Nadel, documented the procedure and provided the photos. (cf. our facebook page)

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