Since 1964, students of the University of Portland have the opportunity to study at the University`s Study Abroad Program in Salzburg, Austria. This location is the longest running program site offered by the University of Portland. Originally conducted as a full-year study abroad experience, the Salzburg Program started in 2014 to successfully integrate two one semester-long programs allowing students to study in Salzburg for either the fall or the spring term. Both semesters offer students many opportunities to discover the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage of the host country in a variety of Program organized excursions and within a multitude of experiential learning activities guided by their professors.

During a week-long fall and spring retreat in the Austrian countryside – in between a terrific Alpine setting, centuries-old castles and culturally rich monasteries -, students have the unique chance to explore and deepen their own and the University`s core values while experiencing community in a fun and stressless way including hikes and workshops. A profound appreciation for and understanding of what it means to live a culturally rich, environmentally conscious and spiritually fulfilling life are the goals of these retreats. Hand in hand with the completion of University core credits, individual travel opportunities to European top destinations, and a community-based study abroad experience, Program organized regional excursions and retreats form the essence of UP`s revitalized Salzburg Program..