General Meeting

takes place every Thursday at 3:45 pm in the class room. It is the opportunity for the director and the students to communicate about passed and upcoming events as well as current topics. Moreover, the committees regularly report on their planned activities. Participation is mandatory.

Resident Director’s (RD) Meeting

is every Thursday at 4:15PM, directly after the general meeting and required for all students. This is a one hour, interactive, casual group meeting with the Resident Director to discuss important topics such as personal development, self care, community formation, hopes, overcoming cultural barriers, etc. Topics can be discussed in small and large groups, and student input and suggestions are always welcome.

Active Minds Meeting

Active Minds is student led group which focuses on mental health awareness, open discussion, support, and preventative activities. Activities would focus on reducing stress, community dynamics, and a trusting and safe environment. Active Mind leaders are chosen at UP prior to the start of the study abroad year in Salzburg. Student led meetings are typically once a week, but times are to be dicided each semester/year.