Immersive Activities put together by Clare Kessi (2017-2018)

Commented List of immersive activities put together
by Salzburger 2017-2018 Clare Kessi

The English Drama Group meets every Tuesday night at 6PM at the Unipark Nonntal. Everything is in English! It is a great way to meet Austrians who want to practice english or other international students. They put on multiple shows a year and have workshops every Tuesday for anyone. You can just show up! Everyone is very friendly. If you need to contact them, find them on Facebook and message the page. The guy in charge of the page will reply back promptly.

Salsa Night is every Tuesday night at Escobar! People are good, but will teach you if you ask! All That Swing – Salzburg is a swing dancing group that meets multiple times a month. Info is on their facebook page. When I went, they were all really good and I was pretty intimidated, but I think they have workshops throughout the year for beginners!

JazzIt is a jazz bar in Salzburg with lots of great concerts. It’s near the center and cozy! Tickets range from free-$10, depending on the show. Wednesday night is usually a local group and free. It’s not always jazz! Check their facebook of website for their monthly schedules.

Jazz & The City is a Jazz festival in October all over the city. Even if you don’t like jazz, CHECK IT OUT! There are free shows! We saw a super cool African band at Republic (now Escobar).

SZENE Salzburg is a performing arts & culture organization that hosts lots of festivals throughout the year. Follow their facebook and check their website for cool things (dance, theater, music, etc). There was a New Play festival I attended in February with some shows in English!

HOSI Salzburg is a LGBTQ Youth Organization with events throughout the year. If someone is looking for a support group like that, it’s here for them! There are dances, discussion nights, and lots of other things. I never went, but a friend of mine in town speaks highly of it! All the info is on Facebook.