New website

Welcome to our new program website!

Have you taken the time to surf through it yet?
The new site shall not only present the University of Portland Salzburg Program but also keep everyone interested up to date with what is going on at the Center and on tour.

Have you checked out the calendars (Class Schedule/Calendar)? They are Google Calendars which you can import into your own calendar. I find that quite helpful myself.
My favorite area of the website is currently Students Insights because one can surf through 7 years of students’ experiences as Salzburgers. I enjoy scrolling through the albums and remember many lovely students. Maybe they will visit the site some time and dearly remember their stay in Salzburg, too.
I have introduced the blog, so that we have a platform for publishing a variety of current contents. We have thought about most useful categories for students, their families and friends to keep them updated. Thus we will post entries in the categories Program Diary, Recommendations, Travel, and Class Events and Projects. The Program Diary shall provide current information about what is going on throughout the academic year. We have long searched for a way to bring all those interesting Recommendations from our professors to their students’  attention. It shall also be used to exchange exciting happenings amongst the students. In the Travel category we share  travel experience and make recommendations about places to visit. Class Events and Projects shall be documented and shared with all students and faculty members in Salzburg and also at the home campus.