Opening Dinner Celebrating 50 Years Salzburg Program

Photos by Christof Brandauer

In early September the 50th group of students from the University of Portland has come to study in Salzburg.
Thus the Salzburg Program has been celebrating its 50th anniversary with a number of joyful gatherings and pleasant events.
A great number of visitors from the US, University of Portland administrators and donors, members of the board of regents and many former Salzburg students have joined this year’s group of students and faculty and staff members on ground to celebrate this delightful occasion.

With inspiring music in the background the event started in the Franciscan church with an uplifting celebration of mass.


The rest of the afternoon and evening of that day were spent at the traditional restaurant Stieglkeller at the foot of the fortress Hohensalzburg .


There, students were introduced to their professors and enjoyed the opening dinner for their academic year 2013-2014 in Salzburg.
All guests had the chance to meet with old and new acquaintances and friends, have good conversations, and catch up with old times.


Inside the restaurant the whole party shared a nice dinner and the exchange of great memories continued.

The various groups of guests were introduced to each other and to the students.
Eventually, the Salzburg faculty and staff members and the Zöhrer family were honored for their many years of service and friendship to the University of Portland.