Thanksgiving Dinner

This blog entry was written by Erin Burns.

On the 21st of November, the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving, the Salzburg community hosted a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner for the students, faculty and friends of the program. Starting on Friday evening students began preparations in the kitchen. The cooking continued all day on Saturday and up until 5 pm on Sunday, only an hour before guests arrived. The event became a massive group effort; aside from the 8-10 students working in the kitchen from 6 am on, there were also students rearranging the furniture, setting the tables and decorating the center from top to bottom. At 6 pm, students began mingling with the staff and their families, all dressed in their holiday best. At six thirty, Katie Van Dyke introduced the meal with speech, followed by Mr. Horcicka and  Father Barry. The buffet was then opened, with all the food looking spectacular. In addition to the six turkeys, there was also stuffing, cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole and grilled vegetables; there were copious amounts of squashes served: mashed potatoes, butternut squash and baked yams. For dessert we had nine pies, pumpkin bars, apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. By the end of the meal, no one had any interest in eating for many hours. All in all, it was a fantastic holiday meal, spent with enjoyable company and incredibly made food.