Winter Activities in Austria

Composed by Natalie Brown

After many of us spent our Christmas Break traveling all throughout Europe, it was nice for everyone to settle back into life in Salzburg. Cold weather and snow seem to be in Salzburg to stay and many students have taken advantage of all the winter activities that this snowy location has to offer. Being in Austria, we have the perfect opportunity to go on some really wonderful skiing and snowboarding outings. These can range from day trips to weekend adventures and it is great to be able to find some activities that we can do without going too far away.

In addition to skiing or snowboarding (if students want to save some money on renting equipment), there are many opportunities for sledding.
Some students have even gone to visit some of the spas in the area for a nice relaxing escape from the cold.
Another fun winter activity that students have been able to take advantage of is ice skating. There is a huge outdoor ice rink in Vienna, which is only a short train ride away.
When there are so many wonderful experiences to be had in Austria, staying close to home for a weekend can be completely worthwhile.

For any future Salzburgers who might want to find a good place to go skiing or snowboarding in the wintertime, the students this year have made trips to both Alpendorf  St. Johann and Bad Gastein. There are also other possibilities around the area such as Bad Hofgastein and more that can easily be researched online. Information and lift/train ticket prices can also be found in pamphlets at the Salzburg train station.