Kaitlin Reeves


Hello everyone. My name is Kaitlin Reeves and I am the new Salzburg Activities blogger. My family moved to Germany when I was four, and we have been living there ever since. I attended German school until 4th grade, at which time I enrolled in the US military school on the base close to my house. I chose to attend the Salzburg program precisely so that I could have one year of living close to home during my time at the University of Portland. I am majoring in Elementary Education and German and hope to teach overseas, once I get my license.

I’m sure you have noticed the difference between my blogs and those from previous years: they are in German. I hope this does not deter you from reading it, though. In the next few months I should be posting about the many exciting things that we are doing. There will be a few small entries for a couple more weeks, but in about three weeks we go on our fall tour, which we are all very excited about and should result in quite an extensive blog entry.