Settling in and Exploring

This post was composed by Natalie Brown

After having a wonderful experience on our group tours, both to Salzkammergut and to Vienna, we had some much needed down time where we got to explore the area close to home and settle in to life at the Center. After living in the Center for over a month, it really has become a home and everyone has settled into the routine here.
One thing that has been really fun for a lot of students at the Center is Continue reading “Settling in and Exploring”

Christmas Break

by Erin Burns, Evan Gabriel, Jonathan Parsons, Melanie Schmuck, Alyssa Oue, and Katelyn Freund

Christmas Break is the most extended period of time throughout the year in which we are not required to attend classes. Students took advantage of this opportunity, many with the accompaniment of family and friends visiting from the states, to hit the road and visit countries they otherwise may not have had sufficient time to experience. Continue reading “Christmas Break”